Netherlands Myanmar public private poultry partnership

During the visit of Dutch Minister of Agriculture Sharon Dijksma to Myanmar, May 2015, a future Netherlands Myanmar public private partnership on poultry was announced.

Sharon Dijksma met with the Myanmar Minister of Livestock and fisheries as they discussed future cooperation in the fields of poultry, aquaculture, fisheries and dairy. She signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Union Minister representing the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development. This MoU reflects the extensive cooperation which has been initiated in the subsectors horticulture, potatoes, pulses, oilseeds, sowing/seed planting material, dairy, fisheries and poultry.

Growing demand

Myanmar is an emerging market in South East Asia with over 50 million inhabitants. Current annual consumption of poultry meat (6kg/head) and eggs (40 pcs/head) are relatively low compared to other countries in the region such as Thailand (20 kg; 160 eggs) and Malaysia (32 kg; 240 eggs). However, due to an expanding middle class and development of modern retail, demand for poultry products grows with more than 15% per year.
To fulfil the growing local demand, productivity will have to increase significantly, amongst others by increasing the knowledge of those working in the poultry sector and introducing improved (knowledge-intensive) production systems. Particularly in the field of animal health, prevention, control and contamination of animal diseases, farm management and food safety significant improvements can be realized.

Responsible production, innovation

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for responsible production of poultry products, innovation and creating added value. Policies & processes applied in the Netherlands regarding food quality, product safety and hygiene are considered as the highest international standards. The Dutch poultry sector (knowledge institutes, government agencies and private sector) could therefore add significant value in developing a more competitive and responsible poultry sector in Myanmar. On behalf of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Larive International organized from 15 – 19 March 2015 a visiting program to Myanmar for a group of 12 experts from the Dutch poultry sector.

Knowledge transfer

During meetings with private and public stakeholders, including the Myanmar Livestock Federation, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Yezin Agriculture University and field visits to animal feed manufacturers and broiler and layer farms, the main areas for improvement have been identified. Furthermore, over 35 people active in the poultry sector in Myanmar have joined a number of dedicated workshops organized by the poultry experts from the Netherlands, facilitating knowledge transfer.

Public-private partnership

In the coming years a public-private partnership of leading stakeholders from the Netherlands poultry sector will work together in strengthening the poultry sector in Myanmar. Activities will include improving and expanding curricula of knowledge institutes, executing joint applied research, offering training programs and demonstrating best practices in Myanmar. Larive will act as coordinator of the partnership.

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