Live Cattle Exports Estimated to Reach 1 Million This Year

U Aung Htoo, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commence, said that live cattle exports would hit 1 million this year compared to last year’s export volume of 500,000 cattle.

Exporters are preparing to resume live cattle export, which was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, U Thaung Khaing, President of the Association of Sagaing Cattle Growers and Exporters Association, told Myanmar Business Today.

“There are a lot of companies and traders in Sagaing Region. The price is quite good,” he added.

Myanmar exports live cattle mainly to China and Thailand as well.

The country lifted the ban on live cattle export in October 2017 and has earned over $550 million from exporting 600,000 live cattle as of September 2019.

It has exported nearly 500,000 live cattle this year, which is a significant increase from the previous years. However, farmers are also concerned that the increased volume of live cattle export might have an impact on the agricultural inputs as the country’s agricultural sector still heavily depends on cattle.

Source: Myanmar Business Today